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13 November 1983
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I guess I'm a complicated, confused, thoughtful woman, with big boobs (which I adore) and bambi eyes. I love thinking, which is just as well really. Tabloids make my blood boil, which I suppose means they've achieved their main objective. Bastards.

Oh, I love swearing. 'Fuck' is my absolute favourite word of all time. Which brings me to words generally. I adore odd words, long words, words in general. I nitpick grammar. Mostly I manage to stop myself over the 'Net. Mostly. Unless I'm talking to another grammar snob. Heh.


I'm perpetually horny. I like slash. I'm incredibly lazy. I like Web designing and geekness. I adore computers, especially the Internet; am totally addicted.

In case you hadn't noticed, I LIKE slash. Piss off.

I like labels. I mean, obviously I have mixed feelings about them (what with being bi it's practically obligatory), but they are occasionally helpful. In that I can stick the following badge up and delay proper explanations. Not that I feel it necessary to explain, just that I like people to know stuff about me. (Hence the existence of the Lj in the first place!)

What was I saying? Oh yeah. I think the badge on the left is useful but I also feel like boycotting the site on behalf of asexuals. Hmm.

Polyamorous Interested in multiple serious relationships.
Bisexual (Pansexual) Interested in males, females and all other varieties.
Available Dating status TOO COMPLEX to summarise easily.

Computers make me drool. Especially Macs. Well, okay, especially any kind of vaguely techological thing with the Apple logo on it. Except iPod Minis & the new Nanos - ew!

Hmm. I change all the time whilst remaining the same. Which I suppose is true of everyone, but I think it particularly applies to me.

I think I'm indecisive. Well, no; but yes, but no, but yes. But. Er... yeah, that was lame.

My interests tell you lots about me, unsurprisingly, so go browse through them. I also answer questions, ask me anything - I love answering questions. Hurrah!

So! At some point I will replace this crappy profile with something worth reading.


Well, okay, maybe.

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